Uvex Helmet Recall

This recall includes all Uvex helmets with the model numbers XB 017, XB 022, XB 025, XB 027, XB 032, XB 036 and XB 038.

Recall issue: The anchor for the helmet chin strap can fail, causing the helmet to slide off the head while riding.

Remedy: Owners of recalled helmets should stop riding them immediately and contact us to arrange for a free compliant helmet or refund.

The recalled Uvex helmets come in a variety of colors. Some have a different color chin strap. These helmets were sold in the United States from September, 2009 through June, 2014 for about $100 to $260.

Identifying whether your helmet is recalled: Check the model number to see if yours is included in this recall. It is located inside the helmet under the fitting pad (see photos). You can also refer to the individual helmet photos below, which show the colors of the recalled helmets to see if yours matches.

Uvex helmet model number.

For more information, call or click: 844-767-0656, Uvex Sports Inc.

Uvex XB 017 Uvex XB 022
XB 017 XB 022
Uvex XB 025 Uvex XB 027
XB 025
XB 027
Uvex XB 032 Uvex XB 036
XB 032 XB 036
Uvex XB 038
XB 038